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To:       Alan Kosloff, Board of Directors, Membership, and Interested Parties

From:   Jim Lamont

Date:    October 24, 2005

RE:       Proposed Vail Conference Center


The following images are derived from a computer animation prepared for the Town of Vail development review authorities.  These authorities have yet to give their final approval of the proposed project. 


The Planning and Environmental Commission (PEC) have several unresolved issues concerning the proposal.  These concerns could affect the final budget for the project as well as modify the appearance of the proposal.  It is unlikely that these issues will be resolved prior to the public vote on the project.  


The architectural design of the proposal remains a matter of controversy.  There have been no images, because of the controversy, which show the full scope of the proposal in the literature provided to date by project proponents or the local media. 


The Town of Vail can exempt its own projects from the European alpine architectural styles required of all private redevelopment projects in Lionshead.  Some believe the contemporary “big box” appearance of the proposed Center is inappropriate. 


There is a more complete pictorial inventory of the project’s computer animation on the Association's website.  Click here to access the pictorial inventory.


View from Vail Mountain:  


View from South Frontage Road

View From East Lionshead Loop: