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In 2002 a lodging and sales tax was approved to fund the construction of a conference center in Vail.  After numerous public discussions, the community chose to locate the conference center on the charter bus lot site directly west of Vail International. It has been considered for this use, or similar uses, for the past 20 years. In August of this year the Town chose Fentress Bradburn as the architect for the project and began the design process for the project.   


An initial step in the design was simply listening to residents, property managers, and business owners regarding issues that should be considered in the conference center design. The architects are beginning to work on the site planning and design of the project.


The following information is being provided by the Homeowner Association so that you may register by email your opinion regarding the three design options under consideration by the Town of Vail. You are also encouraged to make comment, see below, with respect to information provided regarding financial, operational and managements issues . 


Voting and comments must be forwarded by close of business, Friday, November 19, 2004.


Vail Conference Center Design Concepts:

Three potential design styles for Vail's new conference center were presented to the Town Council on Oct. 19. Note that the pictures illustrate style concepts, not elevations. Narratives were written by Fentress Bradburn Architects, Inc., the firm designing the conference center. A high level of interest in making an architectural statement with the design was expressed by those attending the Oct. 19 meeting. As such, there was much intrigue and curiosity voiced around the style inspired by the natural environment and topography of Vail. Next steps include sharing the concepts and site plan with as many community members as possible to help determine the direction that will be given to the architectural team. Comments on the styles or characteristics of the styles are welcome and encouraged. 

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Concept One: 

Architectural Vision #1 – “Traditional Vail Vernacular”

Bavarian Alpine style is an integral part of Vail’s architectural vernacular, and has been since the town’s founding in the early 1960s. Vision One blends with this vernacular. As Fentress Bradburn Architects’ sketches depict, this vision features a course, rusticated stone base, arched windows and arcade openings. Roof and cornice lines are broken and articulated into smaller scale elements that humanize the façade. Windows at the upper level vary in size and shape, and some windows project outward from the face adding interest, variety and detail. The focal point of the south façade is an iconic tower element that highlights a large outdoor deck and embraces East Lionshead Circle.

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Concept Two: 

Architectural Vision #2 – “Modern Meets Organic"

Vision Two responds to the site’s immediate geography of Dobson Arena and Vail’s public library. Together the three buildings create a formal civic district that has an honest and contemporary expression of scale and purpose. Fentress Bradburn Architects’ sketches feature strong geometric forms. A contemporary roof element that is a simple abstraction of a local landform dominates this massing, while a stone base grounds the structural elements and links the building to its site. Overall crisp, clean, modern shapes are juxtaposed with warm, natural building materials. The south side of the structure provides space for an upper level outdoor deck that also functions to provide a covered arcade for entry into the building from East Lionshead Circle.

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Concept Three:

Architectural Vision #3 – “Inspired by Nature”

Vail’s local and international reputation is born from the strong visual beauty and powerful climates that define the area’s natural geography. Vision Three interprets the natural environment in built form. The cornice of a snow-capped ridge is captured in an undulating roofline that overhangs to provide cover for an outdoor viewing deck on the south side of the building. In dramatic contrast to the roof’s sinuous lines, rock outcroppings inspire an outdoor deck, the base of the building and irregular-shaped openings that provide access and protective cover for the building’s north and south entries. The building’s south façade warmly embraces East Lionshead Circle and provides spectacular views to the Center’s inspiration. A lonely pine is mimicked in the final element, an 85-foot-tall illuminated glass cone. In addition to housing a visitor’s center, the cone would also create a stunning visual marker for passersby along Interstate 70 and a hallmark for the entire community.

Click here for Enlargement of Architectural Vision #3 - Winter 

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Construction and Operating Budget:  

A business plan and market analysis completed for the facility in March of 2004, evaluated potential revenue and costs for operating the facility. As anticipated, the facility does have an annual operational deficit from $744,000 to $1.46 million. To address this deficit the Conference Center Study Committee working on the project recommends limiting the annual debt service payment to under $2.7 million per year. Annual revenue collections are currently $3.3 million and will increase to $7.1 million in 2034. The facility  most likely will not begin operation of the facility until 2007, giving it 4 years of revenue to develop a fund balance prior to opening.  Based on the attached cash flow model, cash flow summary the operator can pay for the capital costs of the facility ($43 million) and cover the anticipated deficit for the project. The Committee has also run a sensitivity analysis and  have found that operational deficit could increase to 150% and still have a positive fund balance. Two major risk factors for construction are interest rates and constructions costs. Interest rates are increasing as are construction costs. The Town Council won’t issue bonds until it confirm a guaranteed maximum price through a contract with a general contractor and determine it can keep annual debt service payments to under $2.7 million with current interest rates.  

Cash Flow Model

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Operational and Management Issues: 

A draft proposal for the governance of the Conference Center under consideration by the Study Committee has been forwarded to the Association by independent sources. The governance issues concern setting the ground rules for determining how and who should manage and operate the Center.  Please review the attached draft proposal. 

Conference Center Board of Directors Draft

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