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To:       VVHA Membership and Interested Parties

From:   Jim Lamont

Date:    August 21, 2006

RE:       Executive Summary - Town of Vail 20/20 Community Visioning Process and I-70 Issues


The Association urges participants in the Town of Vail 20/20 community-visioning program to communicate their concerns regarding I-70 noise and expansion issues during the August 22nd and 24th proceedings.  To assist in framing the discussion, the Association is providing the attached background report regarding the future of Interstate 70.  Access 1-70 Update Report.     


Executive Summary - Eliminating I-70, A Grand Vision for Vail

This following report examines the planned expansion of Interstate 70 and the negative effects the increased traffic will have on the quality-of-life and future of the Vail resort community.  It explores two options to better the town of Vail by constructing a bypass-tunnel under Vail Mountain or bury the I-70 right-of-way in a “cut and cover” tunnel method.  The Association uses studies from European ski communities who were faced with similar dilemmas and were able to create permanent solutions that protected their environment and culture, and preserved the character of the entire community to the benefit of all its inhabitants.

The report updates the initial VVHA I-70 report (December 2005).  The update addresses “privatization” as a method to finance the I-70 bypass through tolls.  Interstate toll roads are now permitted in limited circumstances by Federal transportation authorities. The toll tunnel bypass may significantly reduce the need to urbanize (develop) the current I-70 right-of-way to finance the bypass tunnel, as was considered in the VVHA December report. 

The Association is encouraging the Town of Vail to include the concept of eliminating the negative impacts of I-70 from the community as well as encouraging advanced regional mass transportation systems in its long-range master planning.  The Association supports actively pursuing these projects with State and Federal transportation authorities.  Further, the Association is urging the Town of Vail to implement short-term solutions such as resurfacing I-70 with “quiet pavement” and the installation of aesthetically compatible sound barriers in areas where they would be effective.  Additionally, improvements to the Eagle County Airport and connecting mass transportation systems are being advocated.  

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