Vail Daily Letter to the Editor

I-70 Noise and Design Issues - TOV/VVHA Frustration


I can certainly understand the frustrations that Mr. Lamont and the Vail
Town Council are experiencing. The solutions that Mr. Lamont contemplates
are similar to the "context sensitive solutions" that the Clear Creek County
I-70 Task Force and Clear Creek county elected officials have been
interested in for nearly two decades.

It is a shame that our Colorado Department of Transportation refuses to
engage in "outside the box" thinking. We continue to hear that anything
other than "wider and blacker" is unaffordable. And as for noise, we'll just
have to live with it - there is insufficient funding to implement solutions.

CDOT has some of the best engineers in the world - look at Glenwood Canyon.
There needs to be a Colorado commitment to excellence in design, livable
communities, and a willingness to fund them. Indiscriminate highway building
(and all the accompanying impacts to our environment and our communities)
will kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Jo Ann Sorensen

Clear Creek County I-70 Task Force