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We thank you our readers, subscribers and members for the energy you put into the efforts to preserve Vailís wildlife, open spaces and other valued community assets.   We appreciate your efforts to forward VHA reports to friends and associates and urge them to become VHA members or subscribers. 

VHA deals with the hard questions of sustainability, compatibility and feasibility.    Vailís founders foresaw the need to create a vision and set out principles to be followed into the future.  We believe it strengthens our community to apply and refine these founding principles by holding officials accountable to follow their guidance.  VHA was started by, and is especially important to second home owners who are not allowed to vote in local Vail elections.  VHA is a place to ask the hard questions, receive important information, evaluate and report the responses from officials.   

Vail faces some important decisions concerning affordable housing, the civic area development and needed infrastructure improvements.  How those needs will be met affects all of us.  And private development proposals need to be continually scrutinized to make sure they fulfill the Vail promise.  Only through careful analysis will Vailís future be ensured.  That is what VHA does.

Our reports are leading edge and engaged with the important precedent setting issues of the day.  We research and investigate what we report.   What you read in VHA reports gives perspective on issues, reflecting the times and why they occurred.   Our reports give depth of understanding, helping you make decisions about complex issues. 

We know firsthand how daunting it can be to say what we really mean, out loud, in public.  We live in a time when standing for or against ideas remain possible.  We need to help each other speak up and speak out.  

We encourage your contributions, membership and participation, financial and otherwise, to VHA.  Put in a good word with your associates and clients, contribute time, and attend gatherings about matters that sustain and improve the quality of our lives.  

         VHA membership is extended to current and former Vail property owners, living and owning in Eagle County. 

         We respect your privacy, if you desire, you may communicate with us through a secured link.

         Members can cast their vote electronically in our annual Board of Directors election and in VHA subscriber petitions. 

VHA welcomes your participation and support.

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