Source: Town of Vail Public information Offices 09/24/05

(Vail)-A second question has been added to Vail's Regular Municipal
Election with approval of an emergency ordinance this week by the Vail
Town Council to place a Town Charter amendment question on the Nov. 8
ballot. In addition to a conference center question, voters will be
asked to consider a housekeeping measure that seeks to amend the Vail
Town Charter to limit the town's Municipal Court jurisdiction on matters
such as zoning and land use appeals. If approved, these appeals would
continue to be handled in Eagle County District Court, while the
Municipal Court would be limited to handling matters such as criminal
cases. The matter stems from a Colorado Supreme Court case decision that
requires Home Rule cities with charter language similar to Vail's to use
their municipal courts to handle matters such as zoning and land use

The ballot for Vail's Nov. 8 at-the-polls election also includes a 1.5
percent lodging tax question that, if approved, would provide additional
funding to build, maintain and operate a proposed conference center.
Also, four members of the Vail Town Council will be elected and
candidates have until Oct. 7 to file to complete the ballot line up.
Voters will cast ballots at the Town of Vail Municipal Building.

Additionally, a separate mail-ballot election will address Eagle County
and statewide initiatives on Nov. 1 including two state-level referenda
related to the TABOR law, plus two countywide issues: exploration of a
Home Rule Charter and a smoking ban. Ballots for Eagle County and
statewide initiatives will be mailed to Eagle County residents and must
be returned to the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder's office no later
than 7 p.m. Nov. 1. The Town's charter dictates elections will be held
on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of an election month
resulting in the need for separate Eagle County and Town of Vail
elections this year.

To be eligible to vote in Vail's Nov. 8 election, residents must be
registered with the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder's Office by Oct. 11.

For additional election information, contact Vail Town Clerk Lorelei
Donaldson at 479-2136 or the Eagle County Clerk's Office at 328-8710.
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