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To:       VVHA - Jim Lamont 

From:   Anonymous Commentator

Date:    May 9, 2007

RE:       Commentary - Proposed Amendment - Outdoor Amplified Sound Ordinance.


The disconnect between the Vail Village business interests and the ever appreciating residential real estate seems to be growing.  Property values in the village cores are reaching new stratospheric, levels while noise ordinances controls are being reduced.  I find it hard to believe that those individuals buying all this very expensive real estate really want to hear more music until 11:00 PM.


It has been my experience that the noise levels in the village are now at such levels as to make a real joke out of the outdoor amplified sound "music" ordinance.  However, unless someone actually calls in a complaint to the police department the loud merry making continues.


I have always thought that music was for entertainment. Stupid me.  My experience in Vail is that businesses want to blare their music into the streets to use as a come on to lure people into their bar or shop. A specialty shop near the Covered Bridge on Bridge Street is a prime example. If you walk down main street today during the evening, you hear a hodgepodge of music being beamed to the street from almost every establishment - restaurants as well as shops. Hardly a nice quality experience and much more like a venture into a "red light district" from a European city.


If Sheika Grammshammer wants to use her deck as a party platform into the night, fine she should be allowed to do that. She could just as easily install sliding glass doors around the restaurant and entertainment section and close them off at 10:00 PM for all in the establishment to enjoy.  By 10:00 PM itís cold outside in Vail.  She pretty much encloses a major portion of her deck in the winter anyway.  Why not use that area for late night entertainment.


So the experience continues to cheapen, while the clientele continues to go the other way.


JFLamont Note:  The above is published, as an anonymous attribution.  Irrespective of the authorís credentials, the commentatorís perspective is insightful, constructive and germane. 


See Association Update Report (5/8/07) on this issue.


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