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VVHA Spring Newsletter – 2007


Affordable Housing Impact Fees: The Vail Town Council approved housing impact fees as part of its affordable housing program.  The ‘inclusionary’ and ‘commercial linkage’ fees apply to new development in mixed-use commercial/residential zone districts.  After considerable public objection, the Council is holding off on adopting until sometime in the future a “residential linkage” fee, which will apply in residential districts.  The Council will proceed without providing a definitive plan and development standards to provide public housing subsidies, despite the Homeowners Association requests and others, causing community political divisions to harden.  Commercial interests need low-cost housing to meet labor needs while social equity interests desire housing types that will attract working-class families.  Hardliners want retiring Vail workers to be ineligible to occupy subsidized housing. It is likely that the political conflict will spill over into the November Town Council election, with 5 of 7 seats open.  Some analysts believe mega-sized developments could more readily absorb these fees than smaller projects.  Property tax increases to fund affordable housing remain under discussion. See


Vail Grand Boulevard Plan Evolving:  The Town of Vail unveiled a plan for improvements to the Frontage Roads, staged to be timed with adjacent developments.  It provides for $65 million in lane widening, traffic circles, turn-a-rounds and beautification improvements between the West and East Vail Interstate interchanges.  Tax Increment Financing (TIF) revenues derived from Lionshead and other designated redevelopments along the Frontage Road will fund these improvements.  The plan is a result of the Association advocacy of a Grand Boulevard that interconnects the North with the South Frontage Road with the new $15 million Simba Run I-70 underpass linking the town centers of Vail and West Vail via a central transportation corridor. See VVHA website for link.


I-70 Vail Pass Lane Expansion Study Underway: Review/comment at


Lionshead Parking Structure Redevelopment:  The Town of Vail entered into a 120-day negotiation period with the remaining developer, Open Hospitality Partners/Hillwood Capital (OPH/Hillwood), after its competitor, East West Partners, withdrew.  Despite a report that the government would gain around $6 million in added value from public facilities, some think it is not worth giving up control of the site.  To maintain public support, the TOV is looking for OPH/Hillwood to finance the proposed redevelopment of the Timber Ridge employee and affordable housing project.  The project will not receive approval if the developer cannot ensure demolished public parking be replaced by the opening of ski season.  The Council will not allow the project to commence until Vail Resorts completes a new public parking structure in West Lionshead as part of its new “Ever Vail” resort town center.  All three entities are feeling the pressure from timing their start dates, meeting the required pace of development and market conditions.  The Association is working to ensure that the project is compatible with the surrounding residential neighborhood and the design of the adjacent South Frontage Road is consistent with its advocacy of the Vail Grand Boulevard plan. See VVHA website for link


West Lionshead/Ever Vail Progressing:  Vail Resorts has launched “Ever Vail”, its namesake for the redevelopment of West Lionshead.  The $1 billion, 9 acre, one million square feet, mixed-use commercial/residential resort town center, is proposed to use “green’ building technology and be built around a new mountain gondola.   Zoning approval still remains to be completed and outstanding planning details resolved.  The Association has worked with Town and company officials for the past decade on West Lionshead master planning issues including a less impacted public road route (West Forest Road) for snow cats.  Recently, Glen Lyon Subdivision property owners gave approval to a new mountain-side snow cat route using Tract K located southeast of Glen Lyon office Building.   Association priorities also include advocacy of elements of the Grand Boulevard Plan, skier drop off (to relieve congestion at Golden Peak), mass transit station and public parking in conjunction with traffic circles, roadway beautification and the new Interstate 70 Simba Run underpass. See VVHA Website for link.


.Vail Village Development Progress Report: 

·         Vail Front Door:  Discussion among affected parties is expected to begin soon to prepare the operational guidelines for the dispersed loading and delivery system serving Vail Village. Parking and truck terminal completed by the start of 2007 ski season with remainder of the project completed in 2008.

·         Manor Vail Lodge: Redevelopment and rennovation has begun.  With construction $100,000 is available to formulate a TOV plan for walkway to Ford Park from the Vail Village Parking Structure to Manor Vail.  

·         The Willows in Bishop Park:  Demolition in May.  The Association was able to achieve agreement, after initially being rejected, for a pedestrian safety sidewalk on Vail Road between the Vail Front Door bike paths and the Willows. It can eventually be interconnected with Chapel Bridge/Sonnenalp sidewalk.

·         Four Seasons Hotel and Residences: Removal of groundwater (dewatering) underway, earthwork and excavation permits in process, work expected to begin in May.

·         Crossroads/Solaris: Demolition is scheduled for May. 

·         Apollo Park/Vail Mountain View:  Demolition and excavation has begun on the first phase of this condominium townhouse project.

·         One Willow Bridge and Vail Plaza Hotel:  Occupancy summer 2007.

·         Ritz Carlton Residences and Lions Square North condo redevelopment: Projects to begin in May.


TOV Community Survey on line: To participate see or  See VVHA website for link. 


Wildlife Proof Trash Containers:  Deadline for all properties to have wildlife proof outdoor trash containers is April 15th.  See


Amplified Sound Ordinance: The Vail Town Council will conduct a public hearing to discuss extending the shut down of outdoor amplified sound by one hour (11 p.m.) on weekends.  The Association helped formulate extensive sound studies and compromises, between residential and commercial owners, that resulted in the amplified sound ordinance in the 1990’s.  Direct letters-of-concern to Town Council:


Wildfire Emergency Evacuation Plan: At the Association’s urging the Town of Vail has prepared an evacuation plan to be followed by residents in the event of a catastrophic wildfire threatening the community.  The plan is part of a forest improvement effort to enhance the growth of aspen trees, which serve as fire barriers, once beetle kill timber has been logged and removed for several areas throughout the community.  The Vail Fire Department provides free wildfire defense evaluations to homeowners. See VVHA website for link.


Public Art Projects: Seibert Circle Fountain project, partially funded through private contributions, to be completed by July. The Town of Vail’s $100,000 month long (3/24 – 4/22) public art installation of 3000 wind power lighted plastic tubes on the Vail golf course has raised an issue of fiscal accountability along with its intended aesthetic statement about the community’s commitment to green energy. See


Vail Recreation District Finance and Service Plan:  The Association has urged District and Town of Vail officials to use moderation in the formulation of a new financial and service master plan.  Discussion between the two entities about financing options to fund a $15 million backlog in renovation of existing facilities and funding of an extensive multimillion-dollar community recreation facility is underway.  Elected officials are looking at a

bond election to be scheduled for May 2008.  Colorado voters, who own property in the Recreation District, are eligible to vote. See VVHA website for link. 


VVHA 2007 Membership Drive:  The Association now provides assistance to VVHA members who would like to encourage their associates and neighbors to become VVHA members.   The Association Membership Director will be contacting the membership to receive their recommendations. (Contact:


Happenings of note:

Bravo Summer Concert Season:  June 24th through August 2nd.

Vail International Dance Festival:  July 29th through August 12th.


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