Letter to the Town of Vail                                                         20 Dec204


        Town of Vail

        Mayor Rod Slifer

         Vail Town Council Members

        Convention Center Council

        Russell Forest , Director Community Development Department



        To all concerned:


        The property owners at Vail International Condominiums have been following with 

        more than casual interest the development of plans for the Lionshead renovation, and

        more specifically, the evolution of the Convention Center concept


        Because the design theme for the Convention Center has now been, or soon will be,

        selected, we are anxious to participate in its formation and progress. We fully recog-

        nize the need for, and value of, this type of project, but as the closest neighbor, we do

        have major concerns, which we would like to share with you in a cooperative, con-

        structive manner.


        At the recent annual meeting of the Vail International Condo Owners' Association

        (VICOA), at which Russell Forest gave a detailed, informative presentation, the owners

        identified the following aspects of the Center as being of utmost importance to them:

               1) Location and operation of the loading dock--placement of this facility on the east

                   end of the building would locate it in the closest and most objectionable area

                   relative to our owners and guests on the west end of Vail International. All of the

                   associated functions of a loading/ unloading dock-noise, trucks entering/ leaving

                   at various hours and running for long periods, exhaust fumes, moving equipment

                   in and out for meetings/ conventions, voices, --would be at their doorsteps.

                2) Access to and egress from V. I. parking

                3) Pedestrian access to the walkway to Lionshead lift area.

                4) Manuverability of large vehicles (buses, trash pick-up, snow removal) essential

                    to V. I. operations.

                5) Maintenance of common areas.

                6) Landscaping between the Convention Center and V. I.


         As you can see, I gave first priority of our concerns to the location of the loading dock.

         Many of our owners on the west end of V. I. have been here since the early years.

         They are strong proponents of the virtues of Vail as a destination and as a prominent

          winter and summer resort. It is imperative that they will be comfortable with this pro-



         Please note that we are available as a board or through our general manager, Snowden

         Smith, to meet with you to solve these matters to the satisfaction of our owners, to

         help in meeting the objectives of the Town of Vail , and to further enhance and pro-

         mote Vail as a first-class, year- round resort.



        Very truly yours,

        Gerald B. Salinsky,  D.D.S.

        President, VICOA