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VVHA Report - TOV Affordable Housing Impact Fee Proceedings 2/21/07

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Interstate 70 Expansion  VVHA Status Report - Action  Recommendation 7/25/05

Pine Beetle Infestation VVHA Status Report - Action Recommendation 7/25/05

VVHA Crossroads at Vail Report to theTown Council 6/15/05

VVHA Vail Conference Center Position Statement - 3/13/05

2004 Annual Report

White Paper:Vail’s Economic and Community Development Evolution - The Next Chapter 12/29/04

Relocation of Lionshead Snow Cat Access Route - 08/07/04

Vail Valley Drive and Golden Peak Neighborhood issues under discussion - 07/06/04

Vail Convention and Conference Center – Architect Request for Qualifications (RFQ) - 06/08/04

VVHA Whitepaper Report – Proposed Vail Convention and Conference Center - 05/26/04

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Ever Vail Development:

Zoning and Master Planning Issues: Vail Resorts/Town Council Presentation July 1, 2008

Vail Village Loading and Delivery System:

Outdoor Amplified Sound Ordinance - TOV Amendment Proposal

Affordable Housing Impact Fee - Town of Vail Proposal

Vail Cultural Arts

Vail Art Museum:

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Wellness Center:

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Town of Vail Wildfire Protection Plan:

Vail 20/20 - Community Visioning Process:

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Environmental Preservation Issues:

Social Equity Issues:

Photo by Special to the DailyLionshead Parking Structure/Vail Civic Center Redevelopment 2006

Photo by Special to the Daily

Interstate 70


Environmental Issues:

Aspen Die Off:

Biomass Generators - Environmental Clean-up of Beetle Kill:

Pine Beetle Infestation

Stream and Wetlands Preservation:


Green Practices:


Part- Times Homeowners:


Second Homeowner Voting Rights

Crossroads Redevelopment:




Crossroads Redevelopment 2005:


Vail Resorts:

Change at the Top:

West Lionshead Master Plan:

 Community Town Center - West Vail Master Plan


Town of Vail 2005 Election:


Conference Center Defeated:  806 to 542

Approved Charter Amendment:  604 to 583

Important Town of Vail Election Notice (10/28/05):





Beginning today (10-28) and continuing through Nov. 4, anyone who takes part in the early voting process or requests an absentee ballot, will be informed of Kurz’s withdrawal. In addition, election judges will be required to notify each voter during the at-the-polls election on Nov. 8 at the Vail Municipal Building. This notification is necessary because the ballot will continue to list Kurz as one of the 10 town council candidates. Due to the timing of the circumstances, reprinting the ballot is not an option. 


Vail Town Council/Vail Daily candidate questionnaires: Click name to view positions on the issues.


Charter Amendment:

Conference Center:

Access Conference Center Revote Committee Web Site.


Conference Center - Computer Graphic Contexts  Analysis, Bulk,  Mass, Architecture,  Adjacent Building Studies.


Town of Vail Official Pro/Con Statement. 10/19/05

Town of Vail Convention and Conference Center:


Town of Vail Exparte Issue:

West Vail Master Plan:

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Architectural Preservation


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Vail Village

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Vail Recreation District - November Election

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